AGRI-net will foster multidisciplinary approaches translating existing and creating new tools and technologies towards the agri-sciences to address future challenges in food security and safety. More

Aims and objectives

AGRI-net will provide a forum for research collaboration, host creativity events, facilitate knowledge exchange between academia, industry and policy makers and fund feasibility studies. More


The activities of AGRI-net are directed by an executive board, aided by a steering committee that will advise on the running of the network. The day to day running is overseen by the network manager. More

UK chemical biology networks

AGRI-net is one of 7 Chemical Biology networks funded though a RCUK collaborative network grant. More

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  • Chemical Biology

    "Porting physical sciences technologies to agri sciences"

  • Policy maker

    "Today's science impacts on future policy direction"

  • Agri Science

    "Agri sciences challenges need new approaches"

  • Industry

    multi-disciplinary research"

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