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  • Imperial leads two major new research networks in chemical biology

    Scientists across the country are today being invited to join two new multidisciplinary networks to carry out research and share knowledge in chemical biology, led by the Institute of Chemical Biology at Imperial College London. The two new networks at Imperial are amongst 7 new networks established...


  • EPSRC announces funding of a major chemical biology collaboration

    A ground-breaking collaboration between academia and over 20 user organisations has received a £1.2 million investment from EPSRC, BBSRC and MRC to aid research and knowledge-sharing at the chemical biology interface. In addition to the research councils’ investment, over 20 user organisations...


  • Thought for food

    Food issues are making headline news around the world. Today one billion people will over consume, one billion people will go to bed hungry and over 20,000 people will die from hunger. By 2050, the planet will need to feed nine billion people and the natural resources we have to do this are running...


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