1st AGRI-science Chemical Biology Postgraduate Symposium.

The 1st Agri-science Chemical Biology Postgraduate Symposium was hosted by The Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the RSC and The Chemical Biology Interface Division of the RSC in partnership with AGRI-net, BAYER Crop Science, Syngenta and the Biochemical Society.

The theme of the meeting was Agri-science Chemical Biology. Chemical Biology in this context was referring to physical sciences tools and technologies (in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering) which were applied to tackle biological problems in the agri-sciences, on a molecular level. This conference brought together PhD and postdoctoral students from these different research communities to showcase the current state of fungal, insect and plant chemical biology achievements within a spirit of multidisciplinary interaction and engagement.



Prizes were awarded for the best oral and poster presentations at the meeting. We were delighted to award the following prizes:

Poster presentation - First Prize: Kerry O'Donnelly, Imperial College London for “Increasing the Efficiency of Rubisco - The Capture and Release of CO2 by Carbonic Anhydrase Mimics”.

Poster presentation - Runners Up Prize: Charlotte Wendelboe-Nelson,  Heriot-Watt University for “A proteomic analysis of drought stress in barley”.

Oral Presentation - First Prize: Hannah Straker, Durham University for “Chemical Tools for Investigating Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Black Grass: Design and Synthesis of Novel Synergists”.

Oral Presentation - Runners up Prize: Sam Gorny, Rothamsted Research Institute for “Cysteine Proteinases: Nematodes Nemesi?”.



 Poster presentation - First Prize: Kerry O'Donnelly


 Poster presentation - Runners Up Prize: Charlotte Wendelboe-Nelson


Oral Presentation - First Prize: Hannah Straker


Congratulations to all of the winners of the 1st AGRI-science Chemical Biology Postgraduate Symposium.