AHDB Crop Research Conference

AHDB Crop Research Conference

Know your enemy – the future of crop protection


Wednesday 25 September 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London


Innovation in crop protection has, in the main, allowed agriculture to keep pace with the threats from pests, pathogens and weeds to crop yield and quality. In the race, the industry cannot afford to stop and take a breath as new control challenges emerge at what seems to be an ever-increasing rate. 


Recent advances have radically increased the number of ways threats can be countered but it is essential that all involved in crop protection are aware of the full breadth of opportunity presented by crop science technology so that robust and durable integrated crop protection approaches can be developed.


The AHDB Crop Research Conference has been designed to bring together industry innovators, scientists and policy makers to map out the challenges and the latest advances in crop, weed, insect and pathogen science.


By attending the event, delegates will be in a much stronger position to help develop the integrated crop management solutions required, leaving UK agriculture in a much stronger position to counter crop protection challenges.


“Know your enemy” – article by prof. Ian Crute. 

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