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    Food issues are making headline news around the world. Today one billion people will over consume, one billion people will go to bed hungry and over 20,000 people will die from hunger. By 2050, the planet will need to feed nine billion people and the natural resources we have to do this are running out. We need new solutions and urgent action to make a difference now. Thought for Food (TFF) is a new initiative that was created to address these problems and to come up with new, bold and innovative ideas for addressing the world’s food problems.

    10 leading European Universities took part in this TFF challenge, where students brainstormed to come up with creative and innovative solutions to local food problems….. with ideas ranging from food flash mobs, Smartphone Apps (see video), ‘awareness bins’ to locust smoothies.

    Mission 3 Video. Bringing their ideas to life for the Thought For Food Challenge.

    13 students from the 3 winning teams (Imperial College London, University of Reading and Wageningen University) were selected to be Thought For Food ambassadors at the One Young World (OYW) Summit in Zurich. The OYW summit is the premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. Ambassadors at the summit included Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof, Jamie Oliver and the Crown Prince of Norway. The students took to the global stage and encouraged the One Young World organisers to make Global Food Security part of the OYW main discussion topics for the 2012 Summit.
    The TFF winners are now involved with launching the second stage of the TFF initiative, where this challenge will be rolled out not just to European universities, but to universities all over the world. The TFF winners will also be given the chance to take to the stage once again at the 2012 OYW summit, where they will challenge other young and like-minded people to share ideas and come up with new and exciting approaches to helping the world’s food problems.





    Click here for the Morph my food smartphone app



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